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About Me

Learn More About Ganshmi

Certified Crystal Healer || Usui Reiki Practitioner  || Blogger & More 

Ganshmi converted to paganism in October of 2014, just before Samhain that year. Instantly connecting to groups and other pagans in the New Jersey area, the first year of her journey consisted of nothing but learning the basics of paganism and who her spirit guides were. After dedicating herself to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, her journey continued to grow where she developed a love for crystals, healing and learning everything she could in order to better herself.

In 2016, Ganshmi is currently a certified Fairyologist under Doreen Virtue, in Crystal Divination through Love & Light School of Energy Medicine and a Crystal Healer (CCH) through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy {HMCA}. She is already a Usui Reiki II practitioner and is currently working towards becoming an Usui Reiki Master. When Ganshmi is not studying away, she is also a member of a local coven called Hands of Change where she is the Communications Coordinator, aka the Daily Prophet, and is in charge of their advertising and branding.

Her daily life consists of her small graphic design job and going to school to earn her Bachelor's in Advertising. She currently lives with her long term boyfriend and his family and is very much in love. As far back as she can remember, Ganshmi knew her purpose was to make the world a better place and she feels with this practice, she is doing just that. Ganshmi never claims to be the all knowing expert and also knows that life is a continuos learning experience.

More Information About Her Teachings

Usui Reiki  

Ganshmi is an 11th generation from Dr. Usui. Her lineage is as follows:

Jacqueline Shibla - studied Reiki I & II with Tierney Penn but was re-attuned by Diane Todd. Received her M/T attunements with Diane through the Reiki Institute of America.

Diane Todd - studied Reiki I & II with Karla LaVoie but received her Master attunement from Karen Cummings. Also studied advanced Reiki with William Lee Rand & Carlos Gonzales of the International Reiki Center.

Karen Cummings - studied Reiki I & II with Karla LaVoie and received her Master attunement with Karla.

Karla LaVole - studied Reiki I & II with Robert Becker 1978-79 but received her Master training from Ceil Andriola in 1994.

Helen Borth - studied Reiki I with Ethel Lombardi & Reiki II with Barbara McCullough. Initiated as Master by both Ethel and Barbara. Robert Becker was taught and given his Master attunement by Helen.

Ethel Lombardi, Barbara McCullough, Phyllis Furumoto - all received Master Attunements between 1970-80 from Mrs. Takata.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata - received Master Attunement in 1938 from Dr. Hayashi.

Dr. Mikao Usui - rediscovered Reiki in the late 1800's while on a retreat atop Mount Kari-yama. He trained & gave the master attunement to Dr. Hayashi in 1925.

Love & Light School of Energy Medicine

The Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy is a thriving online community of tens of thousands of heart-centered healers and energy workers – at both the hobbyist and professional level. They helps to connect people from around the world who share a passion for crystals – and desire to create transformation, fun, and healing for themselves and others.

To Learn More:

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Hibiscus Moon, LLC is a heart centered company who's mission is to share the knowledge, wisdom, fun and science behind working with crystals while radiating abundance, transformations and philanthropic efforts worldwide.

The HMCA is a National Board Certified Provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, accredited through the World Metaphysical Association & The American Council of Holistic Healers. HMCA is also a proud supporter and organizational affiliate of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine.

To Learn More:

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue holds three university degrees in Counseling Psychology. She was clairvoyant as a child, and had many profound spiritual experiences as she was growing up.

In Doreen Virtue's Fairyologist program, one will learn all about the fairies, including their history, lineage, myths, multi-cultural aspects, other elementals, and how to connect with and receive messages from fairies. This certificate authorizes one in giving fairy workshops and fairy readings.

To Learn More:

World Metaphysical Association

The World Metaphysical Association, is a source for education, networking, and services for the Metaphysical community. This is the place to be if you are serious about promoting Metaphysics as your profession or your way of life.

Metaphysics is recognized in the United States as Spiritual Philosophy and, thus, under law is considered religious expression and practice.  Ultimately, Metaphysicians are working toward helping others make their own personal understanding and connection with God/Source/Creator.

To Learn More:

               What Some People Have Said                About Ganshmi's Tarot Readings

The way you conduct readings is absolutely amazing and I want to thank you for taking the time to clean the space and for asking for higher guidance, that means a lot to me. Also, your readings are always sweet, even if the outcome doesnt seem like the best. Thank you once again for the help, you are awesome at what you do <3 Sending you positive vibes!
— MB
Hey, I just read the reading now, & I have to say wow... that was really good. It was quite helpful & very interesting/insightful.
— A
Just wanna say thank you so much for that detailed reading, it really answered some questions I have regarding the situation.
— M