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Running Out Of Patience

Ariel Tobin

Greetings loves.

I welcome you to the first blog post on this website. For those who are unaware, I did start my blog over on blogger but just couldn't get into it as much as I can this amazing website. It's finally starting to come together, along with the complimentary Etsy page, and I have never felt so put together before!

But I digress, recently my life has been really hectic and here I am wishing that I could just slow things down. Don't you? My work life has rapidly increased in the amount of work I have to do due to the fact that we're two workers shorthanded, then my coven has me going through all sorts of channels just to do one thing and I can't get the results I want without having to wait, then my personal life is at a stand still and here I am wishing, hoping, working my way to get somewhere farther then where I am now and I am not moving one inch. (makes you want to rip your hair out doesn't it?)

Recently just about any little thing has been setting me off, which puts me at a negative thinking pattern and you know what that means. I've been working for many years to not let my anger take over my thoughts but it's hard sometimes, especially when I feel overworked and under appreciated. I know the opposite is true; that I am appreciated and respected, but a little appreciation wouldn't hurt am I right? Perhaps it's just the way I'm thinking. I know everyone is going through their own demons and their own journeys; things that come easily for me don't come easy for others and vise versa, but I wish sometimes people were on the same page as I was. I know I am not alone, the deities and my guides are always there for me and refuse to let me think otherwise. 

I'm going to begin working on my lower chakras, even though the only one that truly is under active is my root. I'm choosing to work with a red jasper that will aid me in opening it up some more and remind me of my true purpose as to why I am here. I am a lightworker and I am here to make the world a better place. I go through these struggles in order to aid others and to better myself, therefore bettering others. Love will conquer all and I need to focus on the big picture, not the petty problems that distract me, even though they are quite annoying.

I hope this aided you in some way or another. Through love & light,