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Daily Spiritual Practice

Ariel Tobin

Hello loves!

Recently I've been talking to a few friends of mine and the subject of daily practice has come up a lot.

Do you meditate? Do you exercise? Do you do a mini ritual every day? Do you say hello to your crystals? Do you write in a journal?

The idea of doing a daily list can both be rewarding and yet anxiety inducing. Now I'm not referring to your mundane routine, such as brushing your teeth, eating and hygiene. I'm referring to your daily spiritual practice where you connect with your higher self. On one hand, committing to a daily practice can be rewarding such as if you meditate for 5-10 minutes every morning and night When you meditate in the morning, you ground and center yourself before rushing off to do your mundane [and sometimes not fun] tasks. When you mediate at night, it helps you to relax and unwind, often times leaving you in the perfect mood to fall asleep faster. However, having a daily spiritual practice can be overwhelming for some to commit to.

Some people don't have a set schedule to be able to commit to meditating every day and night, or flat out some people just don't want to. And that's fine. If your daily spiritual routine is stressing you out, it's time for you to think about your routine. Is it too often? For some the answer is yes. Other times it could be the activity, you might not be good at meditating and every time you attempt to do it you get frustrated. Find another activity! [I'll go into what activities you could do if you want to start a spiritual daily practice in a few, so hang tight if this sounds like you.]

If you've never attempted to start a daily practice before, or if you're new to paganism in general, the various ideas of what you should do can get overwhelming [been there, done that]. Below are a list of things you could do to have a daily spiritual practice if that is what you're aiming for. But before you read this list, I want to make a clear and easily understood point.

You don't have to have a daily spiritual practice.

Come again?

No. You really don't have to have one. There are several people on here that will claim if you don't say ''good morning'' to the deities, your ancestors, angels and spirit guides then you're a horrible excuse for a pagan. That's not the case. Granted you shouldn't ignore the spirit realm for a long amount of time, but who am I to say how you should and shouldn't practice? That's the beauty of paganism. There's no one set of rules you have to follow in order to claim yourself as pagan. However, if you'd like tips on how to have a daily practice, please see the list below.

1] Meditate

If you aren't aware, meditating is a great way to not only connect with your higher self, but also a great way to connect with the spirit realm. Don't believe me when I say mediating can increase your happiness, reduce stress and increase focus? Welp, you're not alone in that thinking but there's sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. Most suggest meditating between 10-30 minutes 1-2 times a day can improve your overall mental health.  In paganism, this is a great way to staying focused on your spirituality, especially when you're a busy bee like me. It's convenient, easily accessible, and who isn't pleasant when someone you love unconditionally randomly stops by and says hello? 

2] Journaling

Journaling is another great exercise a person can do in order to promote overall mental health. You can record your dreams and interpret them later or you can simply begin a thankful journal. One of my friends often talks about writing in her thankful journal where she wakes up, writes three things she's grateful for and then begins with her daily routine. It's wonderful to look back on, especially when you're down in the dumps. There are so many things you can journal too, such as what happened to you that day, goals you want to accomplish or even divination results. The possibilities are endless.

3] Reading

Alright Ganshmi, what in the world are you talking about? How can reading be part of a spiritual practice? Welp, it's quite simple. Especially for those who are just beginning their knowledge on paganism, reading is not only a way for you to gain more knowledge on what you wish to know, but if you're reading up on a certain subject, such as a goddess you happened to see in your meditation, you're honoring them and connecting yourself with their energy. Reading also deepens your understanding on your religion, the gods, practice, and so much more that it's hard to argue how reading shouldn't be in your daily practice. I'd much rather read a book then watch tv, and I never used to be this way before I discovered my love of reading back in high school.

4] Exercise

I would like to think this one is a dead give in but perhaps I could be assuming too much. True Yoga practice is supposed to connect you to your higher self, but many of what is taught today doesn't go over that. However, you do not have to practice yoga. If you're simply walking on the treadmill you can completely zone out and relax. It's proven science that exercise produces happy hormones that eliminate stress and also gives you an awesome bod! 

5] Divination

This one I would also like to think is a shoe in, but again assumptions shouldn't be had. Divination, whether it be tarot, oracle, runes, pendulum or crystals, can be a great way to connect to your higher self, the gods, angels, spirit guides and even ancestors. You could simply ask yourself what energies are surrounding you or what you should look out for and go about your business. Or if you have a pressing question at hand, such as if you should look for a new job, then this would be a good time to use it. 

6] Moon Cycle

One way to really get into your spirituality without having to do a ritual every day is to do some moon rituals during the year. Moon rituals, especially during the full and new moons, not only remind you of what your practice is, but also brings you closer to the lunar energies and can be a great tool for you in the future for other more complex spellwork.

That's all I am going to list for now. I hope this helps you in any way to make a spiritual practice and turn it into a daily routine. Let me know if the comments below what you do on a daily basis!

Love & Light,