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Sacred Rebels Oracle Reading || Creative Inspiration & Guidance


Sacred Rebels Oracle Reading || Creative Inspiration & Guidance

from 7.00

Greetings My Love!

Thank you for your interest in a reading from The Spiritual Lotus herself, Ganshmi. In this listing I am offering a one (1) card, three (3) card, or the celtic cross which will detail the past, present and future outcome of the question you are posing depending upon the number of cards. So what is it that your heart desires to know? Ask me and I will find out what the cards have to say to you.

Each reading is done within sacred space with a freshly cleansed deck, with the intent to provide you with guidance to a solution to your problems. Some messages will come through the cards and some will come to me intuitively. These readings are not definite answers, since life’s choices are solely yours and yours alone. This will be guidance to what you need to know, from those who only wish you to succeed with pure love.

This listing is specifically for the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck. This deck is perfect for any artists, designers, or anyone who enjoys being creative who need inspiration and guidance.

When purchasing this reading, please right before paying give me the email address you wish me to send the reading to as well as your name, whether it is your magickal name or birth name in the "notes to seller" box. You may also include your birthdate if desired, but this is optional.

Please also allow three through five (3-5) business days for me to complete this reading for you. I will send this as a pdf document to the email address provided with as much information as I manage to grasp.

Tarot and Oracle readings are not eligible for a refund. To purchase a reading you must be 18 years of age or older. Even if you are under 18 and have a parent or legal guardian’s permission, I cannot give you a reading. sorry :( 

I do take my work seriously and only wish to heal those around me, but by law I must state that all readings sold by The Spiritual Lotus are for entertainment purposes only. My readings cannot guarantee to find you a romantic partner, riches, improved health, etc. I also am not qualified to offer legal advice of any nature or to answer any questions about physical or mental health. If you are feeling unwell, please visit your local doctor! Take care of yourself my dears! Remember magick is a tool, not the solution.

As always, if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.

Love & Light,


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